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Cumin Substitutes: Best Cumin Substitutes

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Is cumin on your ingredients' list and you just realized you are out of it? No need to rush to the supermarket to fetch some of it; just read these simple cumin substitutes and never miss that distinct flavor of the spice in your dish.



The Best Cumin Substitutes


1 Ground Cumin: If you do not have cumin seeds but have some ground cumin handy, then just add it to the dish you are preparing. I bet you won’t be able to tell the difference as the flavor will be exactly the same.


2 Coriander Seeds: Another very popular cumin seeds substitute is coriander seeds. However, the flavor is not exactly the same, but coriander seeds impart a great taste and aroma to the dish and blends very well with Indian and Mediterranean cuisines.


3 Chipotle: Another very effective cumin substitute is Chipotle. Just add some to the dish whenever you are out of cumin and watch your food transform instantly. Chipotle will add a fresh taste to your dish and you will love it for sure.


4 Paprika: To get that smokey flavor of cumin, you can try adding some paprika in the dish. The taste is not exactly the same however, paprika won’t let you miss the real thing.


5 Caraway : If you are out of cumin, watch out for those caraway seeds in your kitchen. You can easily replace cumin with these. Just be a little cautious of the quantity while adding.


6 Aniseed: To bring out a vivid and distinct flavor in your recipe in the absence of cumin, aniseed is your answer. This spice won’t let you miss cumin in the dish. Just add some for that twist in the taste, which you will love for sure.


Try your hands at some of these handy cumin substitutes whenever you are out of the spice. These are sure to provide satisfactory results; try the one that you feel will blend the best with your dish. Happy cooking!!


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Cumin Substitutes: Best Cumin Substitutes