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Hops Substitutes - Best Hops Substitutes

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Even though, Hops is one of the key ingredients used in flavoring the beer, one can use several other ingredients to replace Hops in case the ingredient is unavailable. Here is a look at the Hops substitutes that you can use to impart that bitter, tangy flavor to your beer whenever you are in crisis, or just to experiment.  



Top 5 Hops Substitutes


1 Utazi: This is an African herb which is known for its bitter flavor. Utazi can be used as an effective flavoring agent in beer and other drinks.


2 Bitter Kola: Also known as garcinia kola, bitter kola is also an African plant which can prove to be an effective hops substitute.


3 Juniper Berries: These can also prove helpful as Hops substitutes if you are out of the real thing. Some juniper berries have a characteristic bitter taste which makes them quite useful to flavor beer.


4 Heather Tips: Before the hops came into existence, heather tips were the most popular ingredient used to impart aroma and taste to the beer and Scottish ales. If you find yourself out of hops, now you know what to look for.


5 Ginger: Known for its distinct, bitter flavor ginger can also be used to flavor beer brews if the hops are missing. However, the taste imparted won’t be the same as hops.


These are the best 5 available hops substitutes. Apart from these, you can also try experimenting with bitter leaves and neem which too have a characteristic bitter taste. So go on and try any of these substitutes whenever you need them.


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Hops Substitutes - Best Hops Substitutes