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Horseradish Substitutes: Top Horseradish Substitutes

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Horseradish is known for its pungent flavor and is usually added to condiments to flavor meat dishes. However, if you are ever out of horseradish in your kitchen, you can easily use these Horseradish substitutes to replace it in your recipe. Read on…




Best Available Horseradish Substitutes

1. Wasabi Paste: It is easily available in the supermarkets. It is usually prepared from the strong domestic grown horseradish blended with green food color. It is not as potent as the freshly grated horseradish, however can prove to be a great substitute. Since the flavor is not that strong, you can use a little more wasabi paste in the dish.


2. Mustard: You can find various spicy forms of mustard in the market. Try to replace the horseradish with hot spicy mustard. It will give the same pungent smell but a slight different taste. One can use it in various forms, starting from the grounded mustard seeds to the creamy mustard depending on the texture of the dish.


3. Ginger: Use some to increase the spicy quotient of the dish if you are out of horseradish. You can try with the freshly grated ginger as it .adds a different twist to the dish. You can also use ginger oil or grounded ginger as a horseradish substitute. It is usually added a little more than horseradish for extra flavor.


4. Black Radish: It can be used as an alternative for horseradish. However, you must prepare the black radish in advance. Just apply some salt on it and keep aside for an hour, after which you can easily use it to substitute horseradish in a dish.


5. Horseradish sauce: This can prove to be an effective alternative if you run out of fresh Horseradish in your kitchen. It can be easily procured from a grocery store and stored for a long time.  

These are the top 5 Horseradish substitutes that can easily be put to use whenever you are out of the real thing. You really do not have to rush to the supermarket, keep these tips handy, and be a kitchen queen.


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Horseradish Substitutes: Top Horseradish Substitutes