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Watercress Substitutes

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Fresh Watercress

A major ingredient in a lot of salads, sandwiches, and garnishes, watercress is one of the oldest plants consumed by the human beings. The leaves have a peppery taste, which impart a different flavor to the dishes it is added to. If you are ever preparing a salad or any other recipe, which calls for the watercress leaves and are fresh out of them, try these easy watercress substitutes instead.


Watercress Substitutes


1 Radish Sprouts: The young leaves can easily replace watercress in salads and sandwiches. Radish sprouts also have a great nutritional value and taste great too.


2 Tender Spinach Leaves: These too can prove to be an excellent watercress substitute. However, the watercress leaves have a peppery flavor and the spinach do not. You can add a dash of pepper in the dish and get the desired results.


3 Belgian Endive: The white colored vegetable, which is gaining popularity worldwide has a tangy flavor somewhat like the watercress and hence can prove to be a brilliant substitute for the same.


4 Young Dandelion Green: Blessed with a lot of nutritional value, dandelion greens have a slightly bitter flavor but compliments a lot of salad, stews and soups. This can prove to be a great watercress substitute.


5 Arugula: These are aromatic salad greens which have a peppery mustard like flavor and is very popular in Italian cuisine. Due to somewhat similar spicy flavor, you can easily substitute watercress with arugula.


These are the best available watercress substitutes, however if you want to be a little more experimental, you can try using Purslane leaves which are extremely rich in nutritional value or Nasturtium leaves, which is also known for its pungent peppery flavor. Do try out these watercress substitutes in your kitchen and do not forget to share the results with everyone.


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Watercress Substitutes