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Mace Substitutes

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From modern American cuisine to traditional Asian cuisine, Mace has been a popular spice across the globe. Known for its flavor and aroma, it imparts a special taste to the dish it is added to, but ever wondered what will you do if you are out of mace while cooking. Do not worry 'coz with these easy mace substitutes; you will not have to run to the supermarket.


Best Available Mace Substitutes


1 Nutmeg: Since both nutmeg and mace are derived from the same tree, Nutmeg is the closest mace substitute. You can easily add nutmeg instead of mace in the dish and get an enhanced flavor.


2 Allspice: Another great mace substitute is allspice, you can try by adding half the quantity of mace and then increase the quantity as per your taste.


3 Cinnamon: Though cinnamon has a different flavor, it is too an aromatic spice like mace. Try adding cinnamon if you are out of mace and enjoy the distinct aroma in your dish.


4 Cloves: Another flavorful, and aromatic spice that can come handy when you are out of mace are cloves. Add a few to the dish and see your dish transform.


5 Ginger: If none of the above mace substitutes are available, you can easily substitute ginger for it. The flavor is different from mace, but it won’t make you feel that something’s a miss in the recipe.


These are the top five mace substitutes, which are easily available in any kitchen. If ever you run out of the real thing just add any one of these as per your choice and savor the discrete flavor and aroma in the food. Always keep one thing in mind, whenever you substitute a spice for the other one, add half the quantity and increase as per your taste.

Happy Cooking!!!


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Mace Substitutes