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Fenugreek Substitutes

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Fenugreek Substitutes


Fenugreek, which originates from a Latin word, meaning Greek hay, is a very important ingredient in several curry powders. However, if you are ever out of fenugreek, you can easily replace it with various substitutes that are easily available. Mostly preferred in Indian cuisine, it is used both as an herb in the form of leaves and as a spice in the form of seeds. You can replace both successfully and the curry thus cooked will hardly affect the taste or the flavor of the dish.


Substitutes For Fenugreek Leaves

1. Dried Fenugreek Leaves:

Fenugreek leaves

The closest fresh fenugreek leaves substitute is the dried fenugreek. Use 1 teaspoon of dried fenugreek leaves to replace 1 tablespoon of fresh fenugreek. The results are guaranteed to be satisfactory.


2. Fresh Chinese Celery Leaves:

Chinese Celery Leaves

These are another option you can consider when you are out of fresh fenugreek. The taste however, will not be the same but you will not feel that something is amiss.


3. Fresh Celery Leaves:

Celery Leaves

Use about 1 tablespoon fresh celery leaves to replace 1 tablespoon of fresh fenugreek and you can add a new twist to the dish.


4. Fresh Watercress Leaves:

Watercress Leaves

If you have these handy, just add some in the absence of fenugreek leaves and it too can prove to be a greate substitute.


5. Spinach Leaves:


Though the flavor will not be the same, they can be added in a little quantity to impart a distinct flavor to the food in case you do not have fresh fenugreek leaves.


Other than these substitutes, you can also try your hands at kale or American collard green to replace fenugreek leaves in the dish.


Substitutes For Fenugreek Seeds


1. Yellow Mustard Seeds:

Yellow Mustard seeds

You can substitute 1 teaspoon of fenugreek seeds for 1 teaspoon of yellow mustard seeds. Add these while cooking and enjoy the distinct flavor.


2. Fennel Seeds:

Fennel seeds

Try substituting fennel seeds for fenugreek seeds and savor the new found flavor. Fennel seeds are also rich in aroma and taste and can add an all together new dimension to your food.


Well so now, you are all set to fight the kitchen crisis if you ever run out of fenugreek. Just try these handy fenugreek substitutes to counter the emergency.


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Fenugreek Substitutes