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Marjoram Substitutes

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Marjoram Leaves

With its sweet pine like and citrus flavor, Marjoram has won quite a few hearts across the world. The herb is used in various cuisines such as Italian, Middle Eastern, etc to provide that distinct aroma and taste. However, if you ever run out of it while cooking, don’t rush towards the grocery store, just read these simple Marjoram Substitutes and put them to use in the crisis.


Top 5 Marjoram Substitutes

Oregano: The best available Marjoram substitute is Oregano. Both the herbs are closely related in terms of flavor and hence can easily be substituted for each other. However, make sure you use the herb carefully as oregano is much stronger than Marjoram. You can substitute two parts of oregano for three parts of marjoram.


Basil: If you are looking for marjoram substitute in a pasta, then basil can really come handy. Just use some fresh basil to substitute fresh marjoram and you won’t be able to tell the difference.


Thyme: Another very effective marjoram substitute is thyme. Just add some wherever you’ve run out of marjoram and it will seamlessly fill the void.


Sage: Though, different in taste, sage can be used to provide an altogether different flavor to the recipe where marjoram is missing.


Summer Savory: This is another herb which can substitute marjoram, however, since summer savory has a slightly bitter flavor, it should be used cautiously.


These are the best available Marjoram substitutes. I am sure that if you’ve run out of the herb, you’ll have any one of these five substitutes handy. Do not compromise on the taste of your dish, utilize these substitutes to the fullest and grab all the compliments from your family and friends.


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Marjoram Substitutes