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Legumes the source of inexpensive dishes

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I know many who won't eat legumes/beans for the fear of flatulence. Once you understand the cause of gas, it's fairly easy to remedy. Beans contain a sugar called oligosaccharide and we lack the enzyme required to break the sugar down. When the sugar arrives in your lower intestinal tract intact, it ferments, creating a buildup of gas. The gas isn't absorbed into the intestine, so the body expels it, creating opps I am sorry remarks and embarrassment. Many countries could be called the land of "Embarassement" as legumes are the mainstay of proteins.


The answer to this problem is pretty simple. Cook your own beans rather than using canned, and soak them thoroughly first to allow the sugarto leach out. To avoid having it re-absorbed into the beans, it's a good idea to change the soaking water a few times. Cooking the beans slowly also makes a difference. Adding the spice asafoetida, or Kombu which is a kelp or baking soda are all said to help break down the sugar. Rinse the beans after you have cooked them as well.


I also read a number of other hints that may also help reduce gas. Younger beans are better to use than older beans, and although it is impossible to know how long the beans you are buying have been dried, there are a couple of things to look out for. Beans darken with age so choose beans that are lighter in colour, and also those with fewer cracks in them. There are suggestions that grinding or mashing beans helps, and simply chewing them well makes a difference. If you are using canned beans, rinse them a number of times.


Below are green beans, violetto beans, cranberry beans, blossom of broad beans, garbanzo bean blossom, Red Noodle Beans, soy beans, winged beans, Italian wax yellow beans, and a lentil plant.




I love growing a rainbow of beans in the garden.


Beans are such a great source of protein, fibre and nutrients, they should be a major part of everyone's diet and you can do it without the gas.

Beluga Lental Salad


We love beans and I often mix various types in a post of Serbian Beans (Prebranac) seasoned with double smoked bacon, vegeta, diced carrots, onions, red bell peppers, and smoked paprika.


I also simply love Gigantes, the large Greek Beans. Plaka style is wonderful! You cook the beans with tomatoes. Often this Greek dish is baked.


Another bean favourite of our family is Cassoulet


Black Bean, corn, etc makes a delightful salad!


I add cannelini beans to soups with veggies and chicken and sausage.


soy beans/Edamame, perfect snack food

Beans add so much to soups.


The world of beans is endless.

Various types of beans are used in desserts in Asia such as in sweet soups

Red Bean dessert buns


Around the world beans are a mainstay and an economical source of protein. my favourite place to buy beans!


Protein is made up of amino acids and when all 12 amino acids are present, it is considered complete protein. It is ideal to get all the amino acids hence the reason to pursue complete protein.

Many foods (meat, eggs, chicken, etc) provide complete protein but others like beans do not have all the amino acids. One source of the missing acids is carbs like beans and rice


One of our favourite legume is dal/dahl! Dal comes in a variety of colours and sizes including lentils and many beans, pigeon peas, etc. The many masalas used in these dishes makes them a very full feeling meal!






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Legumes The Source Of Inexpensive Dishes