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Fennel Substitutes

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Fennel SeedsFennel seeds and bulbs are used in various recipes. Both of them have a licorice like flavor. It is been a part of our salads, sausages, stews, etc. usually, it is available in grocery stores, but, in case of crisis one can consider the following substitutes which can fill the void for fennel.


Best  Available Alternatives.

1. Belgian Endive: it can be used as a substitute for fresh fennel. It goes pretty well with salads.

2. Mild onion or leek: it also acts as a great substitute for fresh fennel and is easily available.


3. Bok Choy Stems: In US, these are known as Chinese cabbage. These can be easily used as a substitute for fresh fennel.

4. Aniseed seeds: fennel seeds are sweeter and milder than aniseed seeds hence, be careful while using it. Powdered aniseed seeds are a good substitute for powdered fennel.

5. Chopped leaves of Hoja santa, can be substituted for the fresh fennel leaves. Use in the same amount as fresh fennel.

6. Dill seeds or leaves: You can consider using them as a substitute for both fresh fennel and fennel seeds. Dill seeds are not as strong as aniseed.

7. Fresh parsley leaves: These can also be considered as a substitute for the fresh fennel. One tablespoon of chopped parsley can be substituted for one tablespoon of fresh fennel.

8. Caraway seeds: These can also be used as a substitute for the fennel seeds. However, It does not lend the same sweetness.

These are the best fennel substitutes, which are easily available Just experiment a bit, may be you invent an all-new flavor.

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Fennel Substitutes