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Ginger Substitutes

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Fresh GingerGinger is a root, which lends a distinct flavor to the cuisines. The spice has a huge advantage that it can be stored in the refrigerator for days and it is available round the year. However, there still are occasions when you might be out of stock, for those times refer to these Ginger Substitutes.  

Best Available Ginger Substitutes

1. Powdered Ginger: Easily available in supermarkets, can easily be replaced for the spicy flavor of fresh ginger. So add a pinch to enhance the flavor. Due to its mild flavor, powdered ginger is better for making pies as compared to the fresh ginger.

2. Cinnamon: For making, the bakery products like, ginger cookies cinnamon can come handy. It can be mixed with rose water if using as a substitute in curries.

3. Cloves: If you wish to make bakery products like ginger bread, then try this. It can  be used as a substitute to give a tinge of spiciness similar to that of ginger. To enhance flavor you can try using it with a combination of cloves, cinnamon and rose water.

4. Allspice: It can be used as a substitute in most of the cases. It is strong so use cautiously. It can be used for the preparation of curry, sausages, and sauces.

5. Mace: It is spicy in taste with a strong aroma. It can be used to flavor desserts.

6. Nutmeg: It is generally used in powdered or grated form to provide the desired sweetness. It is used with pepper or paprika to get the same flavor as that of fresh ginger.

7. Pickled ginger: There are quite a few ginger pickles available which taste sweet. If fresh ginger is missing then this pickle can be used intelligently to make some Asian recipes. As, it will add the sweet tangy taste with ginger flavor to the curry.

8. Ginger candy: These are crystalline pieces coated with sugar. One can find the tinge of ginger flavor with extreme sweetness. However,  be cautious to use them in desserts only or consume in a form of candy.

9. Blue ginger galangal: Is used in South East Asian countries like Thailand and Indonesia for its exotic flavor. Although it might not give the same flavor as fresh ginger, hence using it with powdered ginger can be a good substitute for desired results.

Try, your favorite Ginger Substitute when you run out of the real thing. However, make sure you experiment with a little quantity of food, and if the substitutes suite your taste buds you can use them whenever in crisis.

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Ginger Substitutes