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Bay Leaf Substitutes

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Bay Leaves

From the Mediterranean cuisine to the Indian delicacies, bay leaf has been spreading its flavor across the globe for centuries. But have you ever wondered what can you do if you ever run out of the herb while cooking your favorite dish which desperately needs it. Read these Bay leaf substitutes and put them in use whenever needed.


Top 5 Bay Leaf Substitutes


1 Crushed Bay Leaf- In case you are out of whole bay leaf, crushed bay leaf is the best alternative. And provides exactly the same taste to the dish.


2 Thyme: Though this herb has its own distinguished flavor, you can use it instead of bay leaf and you won’t miss the real thing. ¼ teaspoon of thyme = 1 bay leaf, just use it in the correct proportions and you won’t find much of a difference.


3 Ground Basil: Basil leaves have a different flavor than the bay leaf. However, this can be a good substitute for bay leaf when used in the ground form. Basil has a strong flavor, which will over power the missing ingredient. In case you want to remove the leaves after cooking as it is done with the bay leaves, just tie a few leaves in a cloth, and add to the dish. Remove when cooked.


4 Juniper Berries: If you are looking for a bay leaf replacement in a meat dish, then juniper berries is one of the best substitutes. It tastes great and won’t let you feel that the real herb is missing.


5 California/Turkish/Indian varieties: So you were to use California bay leaf in your dish but instead have the Turkish variety! Go ahead and use it. The different varieties only differ in the intensity of flavor, which ranges from mild to strong; however, they taste almost the same. You can easily substitute one variety with the other.


Remember, that bay leaf is one herb that develops its flavor after quite a few weeks of picking and drying, so always the dried variety should be used for enhanced flavor. Also these are pretty easy to store, so just stock them up in your pantry and use as desired. Still if ever you run out of these, simply use these handy Bay leaf substitutes and let nothing put a pause to your cooking spree!!







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Bay Leaf Substitutes