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Garlic Substitutes

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GarlicThis is one of my favorite ingredients in most of the dishes, Garlic. Whether it is an Indian curry or a pasta or Chinese gravy, I always prefer a little extra garlic in my food. From strengthening the immune system, to warding of the insects, garlic has done it all. However, in rare cases people may be allergic to garlic or may want to avoid it due to its strong smell. Try out these simple Garlic Substitutes when you won’t miss the real thing.


The Best Garlic Substitutes

1 Garlic chives: This Chinese herb can be a great substitute as the flavor is more of garlic than of chives. It can be substituted for garlic in soups, curries, and sauces.

2 Celery salt: Is also an effective garlic substitute. Though the flavors are quite different from each other, however, in case you are out of garlic, celery salt can be an apt alternative.

3 Shallots : A variety of onion although an exotic one. It provides a tangy flavor of onion and garlic hence can be used without hesitation. It is used in Asian countries for various cuisines.

4 Granulated garlic: This substitute will provide the same flavor to the dish and can be easily purchased from a grocery store.

5 Garlic flakes: these dehydrated flakes provide the same flavor and texture as that of the fresh garlic. You can substitute half a teaspoon of garlic flakes for one clove of fresh garlic.


6 Garlic powder: It is one of the best substitutes for garlic since it provides the same flavor. It is a very good alternative for preparing marinades.

7 Garlic salt: If you wanted garlic for seasoning well, here’s your answer. Just add some garlic powder to the regular table salt in the ratio of 3:1 and bingo! You have your very own garlic salt ready to be sprinkled on your favorite dishes for that extra flavor.


8 Garlic oil: Usually sold in small bottles or in spray form, garlic oil can too prove to be a great alternative for missing garlic from your food. You can prepare this and refrigerate too. Just add garlic cloves to cooking oil like olive oil or vegetable oil and use as desired.


Well now, I believe you’ve mastered the technique of replacing garlic with other ingredients in case it is un available. Just use these simple Garlic Substitutes and don’t let the chef in you come to a halt .



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Garlic Substitutes