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Cilantro Substitutes

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Fresh CilantroThe little green leaves sprinkled on your salads and stews add a lot more to the dish than just flavor. However, what happens when you run out of the magic ingredient while preparing your favorite recipe? Well you have two options to put on your shoes and run to the supermarket and fetch some Cilantro or , read on these Cilantro substitutes and use these instead.


The Top Substitutes:


1 Parsley: Out of Cilantro, but you have some parsley…great!! Both Italian flat leaf parsley and the curly leaf variety can be substituted for Cilantro. However, the Italian flat leaf parsley is considered a better option, go ahead and use the parsley and you won’t miss cilantro in the dish.


2 Vietnamese Coriander: This is another very effective Cilantro substitute. Commonly used in Southeast Asian cuisine, the leaves slightly mimic the taste of Cilantro; hence prove to be a good substitute.


3 Basil: Easily found herb basil can also be used n the absence of Cilantro, specially when replacing it in Mexican cuisine. The flavor of basil blends very well with Mexican food and you will not miss Cilantro there.


4 Celery: Another very popular flavoring agent is celery. Both the leaves and stalks can be used to garnish a dish when Cilantro is out of stalk.


Coriander Seeds: The dried form of cilantro, coriander seeds can also be used as an effective cilantro substitute. However, make sure you add these to the dish while cooking.


Coriander Powder: The spice is also a good Cilantro substitute if being used for flavor. The only drawback is that the dried form cannot be used as a garnish and has the least nutritional value.


A Piece Of Advise


It is always a best practice to add the green herbs during the last few minutes of cooking or as a garnish after the dish has been cooked. If added before, the flavor and nutritional value may diminish.


So now, since you are all aware of these Cilantro substitutes. You’ll never be in doldrums whenever you run out of this herb. Just use any of the substitutes listed above and I guarantee, you won’t really miss the real thing.


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Cilantro Substitutes