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Uses of Orange Oil

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Orange oil is actually a liquid prepared by peeling and squeezing the oranges and their peels. We can start counting the uses of orange oil with its domestic uses. It is a very effective household cleaning agent and can also be used in aromatherapy. Furthermore, this oil is very easily obtainable in homeopathic stores and shops selling natural products.

Some more effective and helpful uses of orange oil are mentioned below:


Uses of orange oil: Cleaning and Degreasing

Orange oil is a very effective degreaser and can be easily cuts through kitchen grime. Use this oil in a spray bottle together with hot water. Just two to three drops of orange oil and trim the grease on kitchen counters, oven and stove top. It is also appreciated for leaving a fresh scent behind.


Uses of orange oil: Home Fragrance

Orange oil can be used by anyone to make the home smelling even more appealing. Just spray a few drops of orange oil and smell the aromatic magic. A couple of drops of orange oil placed along with a pot of simmering water, cloves, and cinnamon can distribute a pleasant scent throughout your house.


Uses of orange oil: Furniture Polisher

Many furniture polishes boast orange oil as an ingredient. This is because orange oil helps to polish and shine finished wood to give it back some of the natural luster that is lost over time and use. To use orange oil directly on wood, make your own furniture polish by combining regular water with three drops of orange oil, and spraying on a microfiber cloth to polish furniture to a high shine.


Uses of orange oil: Pest Control

Pests in your home and garden are repelled by the natural acidic smell of orange oil, so it's ideal to and safe to pour in your garden, or use around children in your house. A more natural solution to chemical pest controllers, orange oil pest repellent is easy to make.  Then soak paper towels in the liquid and leave them where you've had pest problems toward them away.


Uses of orange oil: Aromatherapy

Those who practice aromatherapy know how beneficial orange oil can be when used in conjunction with meditation or massage. Mix a few drops with a carrier oil, or use when meditating to help enhance your aromatherapy session.


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Uses Of Orange Oil