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Uses Of Rosemary Oil

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Uses of Rosemary oil as herbal remedy are well-known. Rosemary oil is basically a herbal oil extracted from the leaves of the famous rosemary plant. Rosemary oil is extremely helpful for serious health problems that include hair loss, exhaustion, and memory loss. Also, this oil can be used to kill lice. Some of prime uses of rosemary oil are discussed below:



Uses of rosemary oil: Improves Memory

If you've got a test or a big work presentation and you're worried you're going to forget something important, try using a little rosemary essential oil. Add a drop or two to about a quarter cup of a carrier or massage oil and rub into the temples as you prepare for your test or presentation.


Uses of rosemary oil: Can Kill Lice

Mix several drops of rosemary oil into an unscented shampoo or add a few drops to a warm water solution to kill lice. Rinse the solution through the hair paying particular attention to the scalp. Use twice a day for a few days until the lice problem is gone.


Uses of rosemary oil: Helpful for Treating Coughs

Inhaling the scent of rosemary essential oil can help with coughs and sooth raw throats from colds, the flu or allergies. Add a few drops to a diffuser, hold the bottle beneath your nose or add a few drops to some hot water and inhale the steam. You could also drizzle a little onto the floor of a shower, turn the hot water on and inhale the steam to ease a cough.


Uses of rosemary oil: Improves Hair Condition

Rosemary oil not only kills lice in hair, but it can also help cure dandruff (dry, flaky scalp). Some experts recommend rosemary oil to help for baldness and hair loss as it may stimulate hair follicles. Add a few drops to a shampoo or warm water and rinse the solution through the hair, paying attention to the scalp.


Uses of rosemary oil: Stimulates Exhaustion

Rosemary essential oil is one of the more stimulating essential oils, helping with physical and mental exhaustion. Try diffusing some in a diffuser in the mornings to help you wake up, or add a few drops to a morning bath. Rosemary oil is great to add to a massage oil to release tense muscles, reduce inflammation and energize recipients.

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Uses Of Rosemary Oil