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Uses Of Palm Oil

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This blog will give you complete insights on the uses of palm oil.

Palm Oil

Palm oil is widely utilized all across the world for different purposes. It is usually consumed in unrefined state. It is also used like an ingredient for making traditional dishes, where it adds a touch of golden red color and exclusive flavor. Palm oil is also recognized as vital part of a healthy and balanced diet. It is widely used for cooking in overseas since generations. The common cooking uses of this oil are frying and baking.

Palm oil is also used in various packaged food products. Some of the most prominent uses of palm oil are mentioned below:

Used as Cooking oil:  Palm oil is very stable to high temperatures mainly while frying various dishes. It has comparatively less smoke tendency and foam or form sticky unhealthy polymers.  

Used in Industrial Frying Fat: Palm oil is generally suited for this purpose and is mainly utilized for processing various popular food products like potato chips, instant noodles, farsan, aalu bhujiya, mathri, doughnuts and French fries.

Used as Shortening: Palm oil can also be used as shortening.Quality palm oil shortening is widely produced all across the world. It is considered perfect for making various snacks like cakes, breads, pastries, baked foods and creams.

Used like a Vegetable Ghee:Vegetable ghee (also known as vanaspati) is an extremely famous product specially in India, and Asian sub-continent. Palm oil can be used on its own or blended with other vegetable oils to produce vegetable ghee of superior quality and texture.

Used in Non-dairy Creamers: A fat blend compromising palm oil, palm kernel oil and other fats can be used to replace milk fat in non-dairy creamers or coffee-whiteners.

Used for making Soaps: Palm oil can also be used to produce soaps with superior foaming power and color. It also has more palm fractions as compared to various other traditional sources that also include tallow.

These all are some of the common and widely mentioned uses of palm oil all across the world. 


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Uses Of Palm Oil