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Are All The Olive Oils Worth The Money

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Worthy Olive OilsAre all the olive oils worth the money is a million dollar question considering it’s importance in cooking, medicines, cosmetics, soaps, fuels and so on. Native to Mediterranean basin, the oil is produced by crushing and pressing of olives through chemical or mechanical means. The degree of processing is responsible for the different varieties of olive oil which are found in the market. It becomes important to know about different grades so that you buy worthy olive oils as the good quality oils are quite costly.


Different Grades of Olive Oils


Extra Virgin Olive Oil


It tastes best and has less then 0.8% acid content with organoleptic characteristics. The oil is obtained from physical means without any chemical treatment. Buy it for salads, stews, soups and dipping. Though very expensive, but can be termed as olive oil worth the money as it is like a fine wine which can be distinguished by distinct aroma and flavor.  


Virgin Olive Oil


Similar to extra virgin, it is also obtained from the first pressing but has a maximum acidity of 2%. It is less delicate and has less phytonutrients as compared to the extra virgin oil but one of the worthy olive oils which should be used for cooking.


Pure Olive Oil


It is a blend of virgin and refined olive oil, thus the term ‘pure’ is misnomer. It has maximum 1.5 % acidity but lacks the true flavor.


Olive Pomace Oil


It is obtained by blending refined pomace olive oil and some amount of virgin oil. Though it is good for consumption but not liked by connoisseurs as it lacks the true flavor of olive oil. The oil is widely used in restaurants as it has a high smoke point and is economical too.    


Lampante Oil


This is especially meant for burning lamps and not considered good for consumption so it is considered worthy olive oils for the industrial sector, not for cooking purposes.


Refined Olive Oil


It is a form of virgin olive oil which has undergone certain refinement without any change in the glyceridic structure. It has maximum acidity of 0.3% and thus also considered equivalent to pure olive oil.


While shopping, make sure to buy extra virgin or virgin olive oil for cooking as they tastes better and are healthier than other olive oils. The best bet to buy them is to look for airtight, opaque, tins or bottles as the true extra virgin oil are stored in them so that phytonutrients get concentrated while storage.


The above mentioned information must have given you a fair idea of different qualities of olive oil. So, next time you visit the supermarket, ensure that you buy olive oils worth the money.


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Are All The Olive Oils Worth The Money