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Ginger And Garlic Tea

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ginger tea

This has been long known that ginger and garlic combination are good for your health and are extensively used in the Chinese and Ayurvedic medicines as ginger or garlic tea and other combinations for their warming and antibacterial properties. Both of them are known as adaptogens that heal gently, and are readily available for your daily culinary use.


Garlic and ginger tea are great supplements for their following properties, that aids in treating fungal, bacterial and viral infections and are also much nutritious by cleansing your body toxins, clears blood clotting, controls diarhoea, cures respiratory ailment, anticarcinogenic properties and increases fertility in men.

What do you need to make Ginger and garlic tea

The ingredients for making ginger and garlic tea will include four to five cups of boiling water, crushed 5 medium sized cloves of garlic, 1 freshly squeezed lemon and 1 teaspoon of grated ginger.

When you get these ingredients ready this is very easy to prepare the tea by following these simple instructions, and will not involve much work.

How to make Ginger Garlic tea

  1. Boil 4 cups of water for nearly 20 minutes of boiling time.
  2. Remove the hot water carefully and add the crushed cloves of garlic, lemon juice and grated raw ginger.Stir this mixture very well.
  3. Cover this and allow this to stand for nearly another 20 minutes to get all the extracts into the water for preparing the decotion.
  4. Add tea leaves and allow to drench the tea extracts also for another twenty minutes or boil with tea leaves for five minutes.
  5. Strain this decotion and drink.
  6. You can drink this drink as hot or cold preparations, and is best to boil with tea leaves fresh as and when required, add desired amount of sugar, and drink for nearly 4 times in a day to cure respiratory ailments as a hot drink. For other treatments this is best to drink as hot or cold drink at your discretion.

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Ginger And Garlic Tea