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Benefits of green tea for weight loss

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Benefits of green tea for weight loss are well known.  As one of the most trusted and natural ways to get rid of unwanted fat, green tea gradually increases metabolism and helps burn fat in a safe method. If you find it hard to give up on your cuppa tea, then green tea is your solution. Originating from China, Green tea undergoes minimum oxidation while getting processed and its polyphenols and flavonoids content play important roles in increasing metabolism and thus helps reducing stored fat from the body.


Green tea helps in weight loss

  • You can’t help getting a little technical when you want to know how green tea helps in weight loss. To make is simple, this is how green tea works:

The fat consumed by us converts into triglyceride.

This happens in liver and small intestine and later from here the triglyceride is released in body.

Triglyceride is used by the body as source of energy for different functions – internal (breathing, digestion) and external (all physical activities).

  • As long as the amount of triglyceride produced is equal to the amount used by the body, there if no fat storage, however, if we use less of it, the excess of triglyceride gets stored and this results in obesity.
  • Consuming green tea helps in fighting that stored fat (triglyceride), as they have polyphenols which increases secretion of an enzyme which dissolves fat.
  • Green tea also has caffeine, which helps in thermogenesis, which means, process of releasing fat (triglyceride) in body stream to be used as energy and thus burning them. While some may argue that normal tea too has caffeine, but apart from encouraging thermogenesis, there are other qualities (flavonoids and polyphenol) that green tea comes with, hence green tea is the best source of caffeine.
  • And because green tea enhances use of fat instead of carbohydrate for energy, it gives you more energy, building your stamina and giving you more strength and endurance, which also helps you to work out more.
  • However, it has to be taken care that green is should be consumed without sugar or milk for maximum benefit.
  •  As green tea boosts metabolism, the food gets digested fast and properly leaving the system clear and making you ready to consume more fiber and proteins and yet you feel energized for long time.
  • You should cut down on carbohydrate consumption and increase protein, as green tea slows down carbohydrate’s use as source of energy. 

Last but not the least, it tastes great too and can be consumed along with your food (in little quality), as against other beverages, which should be avoided along with food.

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Benefits Of Green Tea For Weight Loss