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Essential Spice and Seasoning in the Kitchen

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Hilarious but useful Tips by Melissa

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Melissa lists a few hand picked kitchen essentials to have at your home. She is talking spices and seasonings. So here are Melissa’s picks:

1. Salt and pepper- if you don’t use these two….it seems that you may not be human!!
2. Paprika – It gives a nice smoky flavor to your food as well as giving it some serious eye appeal.
3. Extra virgin olive oil- because if one does use oil it is best to use one that has a flavor of its own!
4. Garlic powder- its natural goodness, makes it a must have.
5. Minced Onion – don’t ask me why!! Melissa says so!

Melissa also tells you to go for dried spices. They have a long shelf life and they are cheaper. Also they are concentrated so, it is natural to use less of it.

What else do you consider a must have in your kitchen. Share your spicy secrets with us!

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Kitchen Essentials Spice and Seasoning List by Melissa
An ingredient video by chef Melissa, who is talking about the kitchen essentials spices and seasonings such as paprika, extra virgin olive oil, etc. In the video, she is talking about the spices and seasonings often used during cooking food. If you wanna be an expert in cooking, then don't miss out the video!

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Essential Spice And Seasoning In The Kitchen Video, Kitchen Essentials Spice And Seasoning List By Melissa