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How To Use Double Boiler

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Use double boiler

Knowing about a double boiler and its structure is the beginning for learning how to use double boiler. The heating process in such a boiler is slow, smooth, and that just makes it perfect for delicate cooking process.


Tips To Use Double Boiler

The easy ways to use a double boiler are:

  • The use of double boiler is versatile. Depending on your choice this kitchen equipment can render lots of services for you.
  • One of the prime purposes served by double boiler is creating indirect heat; application of indirect heat is a wonderful way for melting items like chocolate and butter. If you place butter or chocolate on saucepan it will work perfectly on the delicate texture of these items. 
  • Making sauce at home needs lots of time and constant attention in front of the stove. In case of double boiler the application of indirect heat cooks the recipe and that makes the preparation perfect in texture.
  • The cooking method of double boiler is for slow cooking process. Making custard is a slow and delicate process of preparing tasty dessert. With the use of double boiler you can make tasty custard in a snap. Hey!! One more great advantage of cooking custard in a double boiler, there is no chance that the custard would get burned.
  • Some Asian dishes are prepared on steam, if you know how to use double boiler. Using double boiler you can easily prepare these Asian delicacies in your kitchen. For example, bananas with cinnamon coconut sauce, steamed pears, egg pudding, etc. can be prepared wonderfully with double boiler.
  • You have to pour water in such an amount so that the steam water should not enter the inner pan, which may cause a messy situation.
  • You can place a metal made cookie cutter inside the pan; it will ensure that the inner pan should not touch the water. In case it touches water, slow cooking process may hamper and it will surely deteriorate the quality of cooked food, and it is one of the vital tips of how to use double boiler.


Now when you have managed to learn the tips concerning how to use double boiler, you will surely have more impetus to cook sauce and steamy recipes now onward.

Happy cooking!!! 


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How To Use Double Boiler