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Benefits Of What Are The Major Gynostemma Tea

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Gynostemma tea is commonly known as Jiaogulan tea. Chinese are well aware about the benefits of gynostemma tea that’s why this is popularly used in many parts of china. However, it was discovered by a Japanese researcher in the year 1976. It has a similar chemical structure like ginseng, but studies show that gynostemma medicinal properties are far better than ginseng. Gynostemma tea contains manganese, selenium, phosphorous, zinc, and calcium. Look into some of the gynostemma tea benefits.


Gynostemma tea has the ability to control blood sugar levels.  Some people with diabetes who were not under medication were given gynostemma tea for 12 weeks. The blood sugar levels decreased drastically and showed decreased insulin resistance in the people who drank the tea for the stipulated time. Further, none of the participants experienced hypoglycemia or low blood sugar or any other side effects linked to digestive system, liver or kidneys.

Heart Health

The benefits of gynostemma tea are many when it comes to heart health. It redices cholesterol and triglycerides; it binds up the cholesterol so that it is not absorbed by the body. It helps the system to produce carbohydrate that is required by the muscles as a source of energy, instead converting it into triglycerides that is stored as fat in the body. Also it increases the good cholesterol or HDL and reduces the bad cholesterol or LDL. It enhances the functions of heart by supporting the heart to beat strongly. In china, when Gynostemma tea was given to 220 athletes, it helped improving the cardiac efficiency without affecting blood pressure or heart rate.

Other gynostemma tea benefits

It is known for its anti inflammatory properties and used to treat people who suffer from chronic inflammation. The antioxidant in it reduces the oxidative damage process that causes aging. It helps you to overcome fatigue and relieves from stress. It strengthens the immune system and helps to fight against the various diseases. Above all, it is a most powerful longevity herb; it is believed that the people who drank this tea regularly lived for 100 years and above.


Though Gynostemma is available in capsule form, people prefer to have it as a tea. The countless benefits of gynostemma tea are really great. Not only Chinese lets all of us to drink the tea to reap the benefits.

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Benefits Of What Are The Major Gynostemma Tea