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How To Eat Taleggio Cheese

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Taleggio is an aromatic but a mild flavored cheese. It is washed rind cheese made from cow’s milk or raw milk. However Taleggio cheese prepared using unpasteurized milk is not approved by FDA and it is not imported to the US.  The buttery flavor combined with pungent aroma makes this cheese tasty. Its reddish yellow color washed rind get softer as it ages. The color and flavor also improves along with its age. However ageing process stops when you slice the cheese.


How to eat Taleggio cheese

You can use this cheese on cheese boards else you can place it over pastas or can use on range of hot dishes. You can also eat taleggio cheese with nuts, spices and raisins which add flavor to the cheese.

Pairing with foods

It is delicious when you eat taleggio cheese with fresh crusty bread.  It goes well with Bruschetta, risotto, salads and polenta.

Wine Pairings

Taleggio cheese pairs well with Barolo, Soave and Chianti Riserva. Most of the time food and wine from the same region pairs well. In this case, Lambrusco comes from central northern region of Italy which makes a good pairing for Italian taleggio cheese. Lambrusco wine’s acidic flavor and the pungent semi hard taleggio cheese together make an excellent pairing.


Wild mushrooms bruschetta and Country style omelet uses Taleggio cheese as topping.


Next time do not forget to add Taleggio cheese in your cheese board. Also try out spreading taleggio cheese on crusty Italian bread.


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How To Eat Taleggio Cheese