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How To Make A Floating Tea Ball With Plastic Duck


Do you know how to make a floating tea ball with plastic duck? Making a floating tea ball with what, you may ask. Innovation knows no bounds. So when we came across a floating tea ball made with a cute little plastic duck – yeah the yellow ducks with red beak and huge eyes, the ones stocked in one dollar stores – we knew it should be shared.


Who is behind this project anyway? This and many such projects are part of the Dollar Store Crafts website and this one is by a member called mikeasaurus. This website lets people to put up their projects like these, made from cheapie supplies available at the dollar store. On their website you can view and get inspired by this and many such projects.



Make a floating tea ball


  • All you will need is just about $2 to get going with this project and make a floating tea ball with plastic duck. You can use it, of course, only if you are a tea drinker. Buy a tea ball and the plastic toy duck, each cost a dollar from the dollar store and get going. The plastic duck needs to be small enough to fit into a glass as well.


  • Begin by shortening the chain tether of the tea ball. After that, hook it at the backside of your plastic duck. Now you will have the equipment ready for use.


  • Load your tea ball with tea and slip it into hot water in your favorite mug. Your cute looking tea is ready for consumption.


Cute, but safe?


Not really, the plastic duck is made of chemicals and god knows what else. You are in real danger of drinking plastic infused tea or worse other chemicals that might leach into water since the duck is sitting in hot tea. Ensure that you use food grade plastic duck.


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How To Make A Floating Tea Ball With Plastic Duck