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How To Use Mighty Leaf Tea

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This is your scope to learn how to use mighty tea leaf and get all the benefits from tea. Tea provides us refreshment and can also help us to stay healthy through its several beneficial nutrients. You must have heard about The Mighty Leaf Tea Company is one such company, dedicated in continuing the traditional of tea drinking amongst youngsters and the new generation. When you use mighty leaf tea, it means that you are actually using good quality organic leaves and also its various products which focuses mainly on natural and unique biodegradable packaging which makes the tea completely healthy.


If you are looking forward in using mighty leaf tea, here are some ways by which you can do so. Hope you find them easy and useful:


What you need:


To use mighty tea leaf, you will need:


  • Teapot
  • Kettle
  • Cups
  • Lemon
  • Honey
  • Milk
  • Sugar
  • Tea strainer
  • Tea spoon


Getting started with tea bags


You can start the process by filling a kettle with cold water. Ideally it is recommended to use spring water to derive the maximum taste from the tea, but in case spring water is not available, you can always use fresh water. This is recommended because the flavor of tea is dependent on the tea leaves used. Once done you can place the pot on the stove.


Heating the water


Once the water is placed on the stove, you need to start heating the water. Remember, that you will have to heat the water, but not boil it. Allow the kettle to sit for sometime after it is heated, so that the water cools off easily.


Using might tea leaf


You can now, place one tea pouch of the mighty tea leaf for one cup of tea. This is the recommended for the best flavor and taste. Once you have used the mighty tea leaf, you can start pouring in water, but be careful that you do not spill hot water.




When you use mighty tea leaf, you need to let the tea steep for sometime - 3-4 minutes works completely for the tea. When the tea has steeped, you can remove the tea bags from the pot and discard them. Remember, that you should never reuse these tea bags since they are already saturated and they will not offer you the desired flavor.


When you are using mighty tea leaves:


This is slightly different from the use of tea bags. Here you will be adding loose tea leaves to the pot or your infuser for 1 cup of tea which is boiled. Now, you can place the tea strainer inside this pot. The steeping process and time for these tea leaves however, remains the same - you can allow it to steep for at least 3minutes. Once done, you can slowly pour your prepared tea in tea cups, adding lemon, milk, sugar and honey as much desired. 


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How To Use Mighty Leaf Tea