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How To Use Sorghum Flour

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Sorghum is commonly known as Milo and in Indian they call it as Jowar.  This flour can be substituted for any other flour and it is used to prepare gluten free foods, as it contains no gluten. There are various uses of sorghum flour and its combination with other flours too works well.

This cereal grain is very popular in Africa and India and now it is increasingly used in United States. Today US is the largest producer of sorghum. Sorghum flour contains distinct nutritional qualities and offers variety and texture when used for baking goods. Its gluten free nature makes it ideal health food for people who suffer from celiac disease. You can find gluten in barley, wheat, oats and rye; so sorghum flour can be substituted for any of this flour for cooking and baking.

  • Baked goods made with sorghum flour crumble easily. So when using sorghum flour as substitute for other flours, make sure to add other ingredients to balance the dryness. It is most commonly used as a substitute for wheat flour in a variety of foods and it does not change the taste of baked goods.
  • When you bake, for each cup of sorghum flour, add half tablespoon of cornstarch. This measurement is not applicable for baking bread.
  • If you bake bread, use one tablespoon of cornstarch for each cup of sorghum flour.
  • Add 1.25 times of oil or butter or any other fat to the recipe besides the fat recommended for the recipe. This is done to enhance moisture in cooking.
  • Add 1.25 times of rising substance like baking powder or yeast apart from the recommended amount.  Doing so would rise the recipe to the desired amount.
  • According to the recipe instructions, you can either cook or bake with sorghum flour.

You can find various gluten free flour mix in the market that has sorghum flour combined with GF flour and leavening agents. The products are gritty and dry if you use sorghum flour alone for baking. When used along with GF flours the finished products are good. Also when mixed with tapioca starch, it gives better texture and volume to baked goods

Try to use more oil or butter than the required quantity to enhance the moisture content of the recipe. While using sorghum flour mixes, adding cider vinegar, and ascorbic acid can enhance the dough volume.

You can find many uses of sorghum flour starting from cooking to baking. Though sorghum flour uses are many, in the absence of other fat and leavening agents the finished product would not come out well. So use them appropriately for get good finished products.

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How To Use Sorghum Flour