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What Are The Various Uses Of Mascarpone Cheese

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Mascarpone cheese is unsalted and has a delicate flavor. Made from fresh cream of cow’s milk, there are many uses of mascarpone cheese. The texture of this cheese is smooth and it resembles a pudding. Being neutral in taste mascarpone cheese can be used easily along with other flavors.

The uses of mascarpone cheese range from using it in a dessert to making a spread out of it.


Listed below are some uses of mascarpone cheese which I’m sure will come in handy if you plan to use mascarpone cheese at home.

  • One of the most favored and popular uses of mascarpone cheese, is to use it in Tiramisu. This dessert, made of sponge is layered with mascarpone after soaking the sponge in coffee or rum. It is finally dusted with chocolate. Mascarpone is a good ingredient for desserts.


  • Mascarpone cheese can be used as substitute for butter or cream to thicken dishes like soup or risotto. One of the advantages of mascarpone cheese uses is that it adds that extra richness to the dishes without tampering the flavor and it is also less fattening than butter or cream.


  • Another uses of mascarpone cheese is that it can be mixed with herbs, mustard and anchovies to make a delectable spread. You can then spread it over a slice of bread to savor its taste.


  • This cheese can be mixed with sugar and used as cake frosting.


  • Uses of mascarpone cheese also involve using it in place or butter or margarine to spread over bread, biscuits.


  • Mascarpone cheese can also be mixed with fresh fruits in place of cream to make fruit cream.


  • The smooth texture of mascarpone cheese also makes it a good option for making dips to go along with snacks. And the advantage of using it in a dip is that you can mix it with any ingredient you want, without having to worry that it will overpower its flavor.


  •  Mascarpone cheese can also be used as filling for pastry, tarts or cheesecake. The flavor of the mascarpone will add a unique flavor to the desserts.


  • One of the many uses of mascarpone cheese is that it can also be added to pasta sauces to make them rich and to enhance the flavor of the pasta.


  • Did you know that mascarpone cheese uses are so versatile that it can be substituted in place of cream while making ice-cream as well. The use of mascarpone in ice-cream will not only provide a creamy texture to it but also will make it less fattening.


Whip it, spread it or freeze it, mascarpone cheese it turns out, is one versatile ingredient. So go ahead and make use the cheese in any way that you want. In fact you can use a little imagination and who knows, you might come up with unique mascarpone cheese uses of your own!

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What Are The Various Uses Of Mascarpone Cheese