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How To Inscribe Secret Message Inside An Egg

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How does the idea to inscribe secret message inside an egg appeal to you? For me, it seems like a lot of fun to inscribe a message on egg and pass it on to friends with secret messages. Just think how much it would surprise them!


Although we might have grown-up, still this is one idea which we can use to our advantage and have fun with. And what’s more you can also turn it around and have fun with your kids!

Even better, inscribe message on egg and hand it over to your partner to give him/her a loving surprise and to bring some romance back into your lives.

In fact you can also use it as a trick to impress your friends or guests.

To inscribe a message on egg you would need a few simple things like—

  • Eggs (for sure)
  • Alum
  • White vinegar
  • A fine tip paintbrush or toothpick
  • A spoon

Well to inscribe message inside an egg just follow these easy instructions and get ready to have some fun.

  • First of all mix the alum and the white vinegar together really well. Make sure the alum is completely dissolved in the vinegar or at least it is dissolved to the maximum of its capacity before you begin to write message on eggs


  • Now dipping the brush into the alum and white vinegar solution carefully inscribe message on egg. Just make sure you do not botch up the message while writing so use a fine brush or even toothpick.


  • After writing message on eggs dry them out completely. Drying the eggs completely is very important because otherwise the chances of the message of being washed out are quite high.


  • You have to inscribe message on egg, so now the final step is to hard boil the egg. It is not a very difficult task and can be done easily by anyone. Just put the egg in water and bring it to boil for about 15-20 mins. The egg should be hard boiled by then. Just take it out carefully and let it cool.


  • After the egg cools down, very gently remove the shell without damaging the inside of the egg. And voila! Your very own egg with secret message is ready. You can now give it to someone for reading the inscribe message on egg.


The technique

There is a scientific process behind how this trick works.When you inscribe message on egg with the white vinegar and alum solution, the vinegar dissolves the calcium carbonate of the egg shell. This helps the alum in permeating or going through the shell and discoloring the egg white. Thus whatever you wrote on the egg shell now becomes imprinted on the egg white.


So try this trick today to surprise your loved ones with secret messages delivered in eggs.


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How To Inscribe Secret Message Inside An Egg