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How To Use Vanilla Pod In Cooking

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543959-vanilla-ice-cream-on-chocolate-cake.jpgsizelVanilla flavor in food can be achieved by using vanilla pods or vanilla extract in powdered and essence form. Using vanilla pods is highly recommended for fresh and natural flavoring of desserts and ice-cream because vanilla extracts are mild to taste and contains alcohol and preservatives. Some simple recipes using vanilla pods are tasty and easy to make. 



Vanilla flavor ice cream is probably the only food that uses vanilla abundantly. Vanilla is a preferred flavor all over the world and every ice cream brand has this flavor in its menu. Use vanilla pods for preparing ice creams at home for a strong, sweet and fresh vanilla flavor.



Vanilla pods in custard make a delicious dessert. Prepare plain vanilla custard or add amaretto for Amaretto vanilla custard.


French Toast with Caramelized Apricots and Brandy

A vanilla flavored brunch sound interesting. Prepare caramel with vanilla pods and sugar, add brandy to it and simmer for a couple of minutes. Add apricots and cream and bring it to boil and let it simmer for about 3-4 minutes in slow flames. Drizzle some vanilla apricot sauce over griddled French toast and serve.


Pan-fried Halibut with Fresh Sprouted Beans and Curry Oil
Using vanilla pods for flavoring halibut for a main course dish is an innovative idea. Curry oil is prepared by using spices and vanilla pods. Take sprouted beans and add coriander, lime juice, lemon zest, shallots and chili for seasoning. Mix them all and keep aside. Fry halibut in pan until it is brown and crispy. Place the fried halibut over sprouted bean mixture and drizzle curry oil over it and serve for lunch.


Vanilla Sugar
Use of vanilla pods for flavoring sugar is very common in private kitchens. Slice vanilla pods along its length and cut them into small 1 cm length. Take a bowl full of sugar and mix cut vanilla pods, store this mixture in a bottle for a week before starting to use. Occasionally shake the bottle for mixing flavor. Sugar will take the aroma of vanilla and can be used for preparing desserts and ice creams. As the sugar is used, fresh sugar can be filled into the bottle for more vanilla sugar. Same vanilla pods can be used for about six months to get vanilla sugar.


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How To Use Vanilla Pod In Cooking