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How To Fry Fish Without Oil

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Try to learn new techniques to fry fish without oil, as this eliminates the bad effects of oil on health. A few oils can increase cholesterol levels that are bad for the heart. Therefore, try various dishes that can be made from frying fish without oil. Fish can be prepared in many ways and they taste good too. Grill fish, steamed fish, oven fry are a few ways to fry fish without oil.

Pan fry

Take a fish, sear it and season it in a pan. Cut it into two halves. Take a pan and add some tablespoons of low-fat butter. Add fish to the pan. Sprinkle a few drops of water and cover it. Cook until both sides are soft and done. This is one way to fry fish without oil.

Steamed fish

Steamed fish is another way to fry fish without oil. Steamed fish is common among Asian cuisines. The steamed fish is combined with a flavorful sauce. Use spices, peppers, garlic and ginger while steaming fish. The flavors of the ingredients get infused into the fish.

Grilled fish

Another recipe for frying fish without oil is grilled fish. Grilling fish takes a few minutes and sometimes even filliping over may not be required. Brush fish with cooking spray and grill.

Baked fish

Baking fish is another method to fry fish without oil that gives you a satisfying crunch. So, it is similar to fried fish without oil. Be careful while using low fat butter or mayonnaise while baking the fish.

Oven fried fish

Oven fried fish is another in the list of frying fish without oil. In a dish, cover a fish with flour, Cajun seasoning and egg white. Roll the fish in cornflakes and spray some cooking spray. Place this in oven. A crunchy oven fried fish is ready.

Broiled fish

Broiled fish is a fast way to fry fish without oil. The fish gets a good brown exterior in controlled temperatures.

These are a few easy methods to fry fish without oil.

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How To Fry Fish Without Oil