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What Are The Advantages & Disadvantages Of Olive Oil

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One of the main characteristic of a Mediterranean diet is olive oil. There are so many advantages related this oil, but have you ever heard of any disadvantages of olive oil? Well, there are a few olive oil disadvantages which can actually be a reason for your ill health .  I will share some advantages as well as some disadvantages of olive oil thriugh this blog.

Advantages of olive oil

Olive oil and its uses

Olive oil is extracted from olive trees which are found in abundance in the Mediterranean region. There is a variety of olive oils and so are its uses. Olive oil has amazing health benefits associated with it and is used mainly for cooking. Also, good for skin and body, the oil of olive is used in many cosmetic products. Olive oil is used as a fuel and also in many medicines. You must be thinking, can there be olive oil disadvantages too?

Health benefits

Controls Bad cholesterol and is good for heart- One of the most important advantages of olive oil is that it helps in controlling the bad cholesterol or LDL in the body and raises the good cholesterol HDL in the body. Since olive oil controls the cholesterol levels in the body; it also helps the heart and keeps all the heart diseases at bay.

Provides relief from stomach problems- The advantages of olive oil also include healthy stomach free of any infections. Olive oil helps to fight stomach infections and has a beneficial effect on ulcers and gastritis.

Reduces the risk of colon cancer- Out of the very many advantages of olive, one is to prevent colon cancer.

Anti aging- Olive oil is rich in antioxidants and thus helps in controlling the aging process.

Weight control- The mono saturated fats present in olive oil control the weight effectively.

Olive oil varieties

Here are some of the varieties of olive oil 

Pure olive oil- A combination of refined olive oil and virgin oil, the acidic content of pure olive oil is high.

Virgin olive oil- Mainly used for cooking, this oil has a low acid content.

Extra virgin oil- The oil is a result of cold pressing of olive and is high in quality.

Lampante oil- This oil is used as a fuel and should not be used for cooking purposes.

Olive oil is truly wonder oil with so many advantages. However, if not used properly, there can be some disadvantages of olive oil. Here are some of the olive oil disadvantages

Olive oil disadvantages

Hinders proper blood circulation- One of the major disadvantages of olive oil is that it might create problems with blood circulation. The oil contains 77% oleic fatty acid and the saturated and unsaturated fatty acids are responsible for blood stickiness and blood clotting leading to disruptions in normal blood flow of the body. Did you know of this disadvantage of olive oil?

Reacts easily with free radicals- The disadvantages of olive oil also includes the  easy reaction of this oil with free radicals. Due to the monounsaturated fat structure, the oil combines with free radicals and forms hydrogenated oil.  Trans fatty acids are also likely to get produced during such chemical reactions. Therefore, to avoid this disadvantage of olive oil, it is recommended to  use it in the raw form.

Can make you fat- One of the scariest disadvantages of olive oil if not handled properly can result in making you fat. Overconsumption of oil is one of the reasons of this particular disadvantage. The consumption of this oil should be  in moderation to help you protect against the disadvantages of olive oil.

The disadvantages of olive oil when compared to its advantages are very few, but cannot be ignored. So, make use of this oil properly and do not let any olive oil disadvantages bother you.

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What Are The Advantages & Disadvantages Of Olive Oil