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How To Add Whey Powder Into Cooking Oil

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We know that cooking oil is a must in many recipes – you will find some of the most mouth watering dishes cooked in this oil. If you wish to add a difference in your various recipes with the use of same cooking oil, you can add whey powder. Adding whey powder into oil is an easy way to thicken this oil which helps in all your baking recipes. When you add whey powder in your baked products, it helps you to get firmer products and also enhances the nutritional benefit of the dish you cook. This means, that when whey powder is added, you get the benefit of some added protein in your food which is otherwise not possible.


It is important that you learn how to add whey powder into cooking oil or else, you won’t be able to mix it well and will ultimately get lumps in the batter. If you know the right way to add whey powder, you will be able to mix this evenly in the vegetable oil. Here are some easy tips which shall help you to add whey powder in cooking oil.


Start the process by pouring the required quantity of cooking oil you desire in a bowl. Now, you can add ½ tbsp of whey powder in this bowl for every tablespoon of cooking oil you have. Does this sound confusing? Let’s understand it in a better way – suppose you have a recipe which requires you to have 3tbsp of cooking oil, you can add 1 ½ tbsp of whey protein powder into this bowl. If you add more of why powder you will get a lumpy batter which shall make it really troublesome for you. Thus, when you add whey powder to cooking oil, make sure that you have the measurements correct.


After adding whey powder, you need to whisk the cooking oil very well so that both mix very well. If you have a large quantity to mix, take as much time as you feel or else you will get clumps of powder in the cooking oil. This shall make it really very tough for you when you are cooking. If you have small quantity to mix, it shall just take you 3-4 minutes.


If you are adding whey powder to cooking oil for the first time, you should try out with little quantity of cooking oil. This shall ensure that you do it right whenever you are mixing whey powder with cooking oil. 


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How To Add Whey Powder Into Cooking Oil