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How to Use Hungarian Paprika in Daily Cooking

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If you love reddish foods scoring high on the hotness scale then, you might like to use Hungarian paprika in flaring up the spiciness of your homemade delicacies. The use of Hungarian paprika can lend that appealing reddish to rusty brown color to your food with a smoky feel and a fieriness that is to fall for! Hungarian paprika is made from the conical version of Capsicum annuum, a pepper which is usually grown in the regions of Kalocsa and Szeged in Hungary. The ground powdered pepper is a staple ingredient in the kitchens of Hungary and now, the spice has paved routes to spread its fieriness all over the world.


Know the Hungarian Paprika from close


Before you start to use Hungarian paprika in your cooking, get to know your spice a little better. Although this pepper can be rated milder in hotness from the chili peppers, these larger sized peppers are fierier than the Spanish paprika. Moreover, Hungarian paprika comes in six different versions – exquisite, special quality, pungent-exquisite delicate, half sweet, delicate, hot and noble sweet.


Tips for using Hungarian Paprika in everyday food


Tip#1 -You can use Hungarian paprika to enhance the flavors of your food to add a subtle warm and sweet or mild to pungent and sweet bouquet flavors. The pepper is a known ingredient for adding a special touch of smokiness and heat to the dishes. So, experiment till you get the flavors right.


Tip#2 -One of the best ways of using Hungarian paprika in your daily cooking is to dust it over meat. You can also use the ingredient to spice up cheese or cheese products, smoked foods and marinades. Hungarian paprika is an excellent choice to zest up your sausage delicacies.


Tip#3 -Ethnic dishes like Turkish, Spanish and Portuguese preparations have a strangely wonderful way of blending with this fiery spice and so, don’t be afraid to use Hungarian paprika in casseroles, vegetable curries and soups.


Using Hungarian paprika in Hungarian cooking


Now, all said and done, I cannot complete without mentioning the use of Hungarian paprika in the very cuisine where it natively belongs to! So, go ahead and try out the much talked about Hungarian recipes. Experiment with the different versions of the spice. Try out the dry and whole paprika, pick the fresh pepper, settle for the pickled Hungarian pepper at times or go for the powdered version to explore the different flavors of this amazing spice. Cooking the paprika in hot oil along with the onions is what is followed in most Hungarian recipes and so, begin with that and then, sauté your vegetables and/or meat before you add water to cook it your preferred way. One of my strong favorites is the traditional Hungarian goulash which tastes like a spoonful of heaven with the use of Hungarian paprika in the recipe. Cook this hearty beef delicacy with onions, green peppers, noodles, tomatoes and potatoes and serve this red hot dish with a garnish of Hungarian paprika!


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How To Use Hungarian Paprika In Daily Cooking