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What Are The Uses Of Rosemary Oil

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Using Rosemary isn’t a very new concept. There are many uses of Rosemary. Romans used to tie Rosemary flower garlands to ward off mental illnesses and rightly so. Out of the many uses of Rosemary oil, the ones related to mental health are the most prominent.

A small shrub, the Rosemary herb grows to around three feet high, with grey-green leaves and pale blue-white flowers. The uses of rosemary oil are mainly therapeutic . It is distilled from the leaves of Rosemary and smells like Pine, only a little sweeter. Using rosemary for aromatic purposes is common knowledge, but did you know that the uses of rosemary oil are very mental! I meant, mind oriented.

Since, the rosemary oil is very clear, it blends in easily with other carrier oils. While using Rosemary, one must always use a carrier oil, because, the oil is very strong otherwise. Well, if you did employ any uses of rosemary oil, you would know that its constituents, Pinene, Lineol, Camphor, borneol bornyl acetate and verbenon.

The main uses of rosemary oil are:

  1. Hair- It has always been Rapunzel’s favorite! A soothing Rosemary oil Massage helps to control dandruff and brings a healthy shine to our hair. Just be sure to preserve it properly.
  2. Mouth- The mouth fresheners also work because of the integrated use of Rosemary oil. well, I can't tell you about its food uses too! Here are a few nice ways to cook with rosemary, just like that!
  3. Pain- One of the most common uses of Rosemary oil is during the Massage times. It goes without saying that while using rosemary oil, all the muscular tension gets relieved instantly. All the Muscular cramps, aches and pains vanish with a light massage of the rosemary oil.
  4. Menstrual Cycles- There is nothing worse than pre-, post- and during menstruation pains. (What’s left?)…This is one of the most noble and to-be-thankful for uses of rosemary oil. It brings warmth by simple low abdomen massaging and eases out menstrual cramps.
  5. Cough and cold- Now to move to the aromatic miracle uses of rosemary oil. Using rosemary oil as an essential oil to diffuse with steam, is a very good idea. While using rosemary, you will realize that the chest congestion will loosen up and you will feel better instantly.
  6. Adrenal Gland Stimulation- Out of the many serious but effective uses of rosemary, the stimulation of adrenal gland is a very important one.
  7. Memory- Research at Harvard has gone to prove that students who use incense of Rosemary oil, could memorize better.
  8. Concentration and Stimulation- Aroma therapy with this Rosemary oil, helps to increase concentration and stimulate the sleepy parts of the brain.
  9. Depression- It has been proven that using Rosemary oil, in a regular pattern helps to alleviate depression and fatigue.
  10. Aroma- uses of Rosemary include using rosemary oil in the bath, in candles and pot pourri. These kept in the house help to relax the mood and surroundings.

As in Urdu, Roz means every day; but one should refrain from using Rosemary roz! Meaning do not use it daily. A few words of caution- Overuse of this oil may lead to nervous twitches and muscular cramps. So, please be rationale. It is best for epileptics and pregnant ladies to avoid this oil.

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What Are The Uses Of Rosemary Oil