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How Tea Is Brewing Its Way Into Main Dishes

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Those of you who are wondering as to how tea is brewing its way into main dishes, the courtesy for that definitely goes to the first man who decided to chew a tea leaf. Well, over the years tea has popped up once in a while in dishes. Currently, tea is brewing its way with the chefs warming up to this very versatile Eastern ingredient.


Tea is Brewing Its Way Into the Minds of Chefs


Western chefs are using tea in main dishes and giving their recipes a new tea twist. Tea renaissance has begun and tea is brewing its way into many new main dishes of the western world thanks to adventurous chefs and intercontinental information flow. The culinary pursuits of chefs where tea is concerned were relatively easy since tea tasted different depending on type.


The taste of tea ranges from smoky, to leather, fruits, flowers and complements tastes like sweet, bitter, salty, sour very well. Thus using tea in main dishes was a challenge that the chefs reveled in. The versatility of the tea leaves won them over. Tea is brewing its way and tea leaves are being used in multiple ways. They are being steeped in broth, brines and soups. They are used as wood chip alternatives in smoked dishes for that specific smoky tea taste and even used ground when they are added to rubs and sauces.


Use of Tea in Main Dishes


Tea is brewing its way certainly, but chefs have to be cautious while using this ingredient lest their efforts go vain. Tea is advised to be treated like wine. Full, strong tasting teas should be used for full-bodied dishes while lighter dishes would taste better with light teas. Black tea is one of the robust teas and can adapts well to strong flavored dishes. For example smoked Chinese black tea is used in the croquette mixture while making Halibut croquette and Arugula pesto served with corn and tomato relish since this tea has a smoky flavor and would complement the acidic taste of tomato very well.


Another very vital aspect of use of tea is that it does not gel into cocktails and cold dishes. Tea is best infused in dishes that are served hot like soups, sauces, stocks, broths etc. Tea is brewing its way into many dishes and in the process sharing its many health benefits.





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How Tea Is Brewing Its Way Into Main Dishes