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How To Use Green Pepper Seeds In Daily Cooking

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Using Green Pepper Seeds in Diaily CookingYou can use green pepper seeds in daily cooking. Use green pepper seeds to offer your food a spicy and fresh flavor. Using green pepper seeds also offers a lively and exotic aroma to your daily cooking. Green pepper seeds come with a pungent smell and aroma that brings water in the mouths of food lovers.

You can use green pepper seeds in dehydrated form as substitutes for brined pepper seeds. You may also use green pepper seeds, in dehydrated form, for making pickled pepper seeds. Before you use green pepper seeds for these purposes, try to immerse them in warm water, broth or wine or any other liquid so that using green pepper seeds in these manner renders a delicious flavor.

You can also use green pepper seeds with foods having fruity or fresh tastes. Using green pepper seeds with salads, salsas, steamed veggies and in sauces bring in a novel and hot taste to your taste buds.

You may use green pepper seeds, which are immature, by crushing them as and when required by using your fingers. Use green pepper seeds in the crushed form, to enrich the tastes of foods like duck dishes, creamy sauces, creamy vinaigrettes and terrines.

Use green pepper seeds to add flavor to Thai, French or Creole recipes. You can use green pepper seeds instead of black peppercons to make the dishes livelier and bring in a fresh flavor.

Use green pepper seeds to prepare the exotically delicious green peppercorn sauce by mixing it with cream, stock and brandy. Make your savory recipes like creamy sauces and grilled beef hotter and spicier by using green pepper seeds.

If you are preparing the South Indian dish rasam, you can use the ground green pepper seeds to bring in a tangy flavor to the dish. There are many other Indian dishes where you can use green pepper seeds in crushed or ground form to add the taste. One of the typical South Indian dish called Kalan, prepared by the Keralites. They use green pepper seeds in this dish. The only form of spice in this dish, using green pepper seeds in the ground form along with coconut and sour buttermilk makes it a delicious one.

While green pepper seeds are less aggressive when compared to its black version, it is advisable to use green pepper seeds if you want to bring in a fresh aroma to your food.


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