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Top 10 Winter Vegetables That Help You Stay Fit

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This blog tells you about top 10 winter vegetables that help you stay fit during testing winter times.  I am damn sure that this blog will interest mothers who find stranded with few vegetable choices during winters and to top it all they struggle to convince their kids to make it with available choices.

Here goes my take on winter vegetables that help you stay fit during the chilling winters:


  1. Carrot:  I will say that carrot is the king of winter vegetables because it is loaded with nutrients. Carrot serves as the good skin aid during winter - either you can gulp down a glass of carrot juice each morning to nourish the skin or you can apply the carrot juice on affected dry area. Also, carrots clear out the nasal congestion induced by cold. Carrot is often recommended to asthma patients who struggle to survive during the winters. Carrot clears out infectious toxins from respiratory system and provides safety from free radical attacks.



    1. WaterCress: Watercress is an aquatic or semi-aquatic vegetable which is grown across Europe to Central Asia. I have read somewhere that this is perhaps one of the most savored winter vegetables of all time. Watercress is loaded with significant amounts of calcium, vitamins, folic acid, and iron, which helps to fight skin allergies, asthma, poor blood circulation and many other issues that aggravate during chilly winters. Also, watercress relieves you of the damaging joint pains that worsen during winter.

    2. Turnips: Turnips are most popular amongst winter vegetables that help you stay fit during chilling winters.  Unlike some of the other winter vegetables, turnips are powerhouse of nutrients, which help you to fight against the winter blues. Turnips are good sources of Vitamin A, which helps to fight against  skin and body infections that creep up during winter. Also, they are beneficial in warding off issues of cough, bronchitis and asthma which elevates during the winter months.

    3. Rutabagas: This belongs to the group of hybrid winter vegetables, and is basically a cross between turnip and cabbage. It is also known by names such as rutabaga, yellow turnip or Swede. They are normally used in the preparation of variety of winter soups and meats. This is one of the most famous amongst various winter vegetables that help you stay fit during the chilly winter months. The rutabaga helps to reduce wheezing in asthma patients and it reduces the incidence of bruising too. It mostly helps to stay away from issues of constipation in winter.

    4. Celeriac: The celeriac is most feisty amongst winter vegetables, because you can use it in most of the winter food preparations. It helps to maintain weight during the winter season. Also, it helps to lower the risk of stroke and lowers blood cholesterol which shoots up with consumption of fatty foods during the winters.

    5. Winter Squash: They are good source of fibers and carbohydrates and are abundantly produced in the winter season. The winter squash helps to regulate blood sugar and snubs down the increased cholesterol and saves you from strokes.

    6. Cabbages: Cabbages are one of the popular amongst winter vegetables that help you stay fit and face the chilling blizzards with smile. Cabbages are rich in Vitamin C and are termed as low calorie food. They help in warding off acute inflammations that crop up in winters.

    7. Cauliflower: Cauliflower is a rich source of dietary fibers, vitamin C, folate and water. They help to ward off several infections and ailments during winters.

    8. Broccoli: Broccolis are rich in vitamin C and dietary fibers. They help to strengthen the heart and immune system, especially during severe winter.

    9.  Kale: It is rich in nutrients such as beta carotene, lutein, vitamin C, zeaxanthin and calcium. It is normally recommended to be savored during the winter months to increase the immunity of the body to fight against diseases.


    These vegetables not only work best during winters but at other times too.


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    Top 10 Winter Vegetables That Help You Stay Fit