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How To Make Tea Bags Out Of Wood Cellulose

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One of the most basic and primary element in paper products is wood cellulose. Making tea bags out of this cellulose is not only economical and eco-friendly, it is even flexible. This is great because you can create your own tea by mixing various kinds of tea leaves, blends, and flavors.




Step by step process

The first step to making tea bags out of wood cellulose requires using paper that does not contain linen or cotton fibers. These kind of bags are available in specialty stores and you can even find tea bags made of wood cellulose that use organic fibers and are biodegradable.


Then, it is up to you to decide the type of tea you want to use. This is the best part about creating your own tea bags! There is such a variety of loose teas to pick from that suit your personal taste, preference, etc. You can also opt for caffeinated and decaffeinated teas. Once this is chosen, then you can choose the flavor for your tea - some popular ones include jasmine, cinnamon, ginger and lavender flowers.


The final step is the toughest. You need to know how much tea to add to each bag. You might have to test it a couple of times – a tea bag that is under filled will generate a light-colored tea and if it is filled too much, then the tea will be very dark and strong. Once this is done, fold the tea bags and stitch it up, being sure to leave a longer thread tied on one end. Now, your biodegradable tea bags made of wood cellulose are ready to use!


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How To Make Tea Bags Out Of Wood Cellulose