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Oprah Goes Vegan - Gimmick Or Truth

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The most influential and renowned talk show hostess Oprah goes vegan at the beginning of the year, that too for an entire week. News had it that Oprah Winfrey along with her 378 member strong staff had decided to take the Vegan challenge for a total of 7 days. Whatever be the actual truth behind the Oprah diet secrets, the television talk show queen along with her staff refrained from meat, poultry and all kinds of dairy products. Oprah goes vegan but is it all a gimmick or truth? Let us check out the facts for ourselves.


Oprah goes vegan in order to discuss the various pros and cons associated with the specialized diet on TV which was aired on the 1st of February, 2011.  The noted vegan author Kathy Freston also talked about her new publication, Veganist while listening to some of the Oprah diet secrets that were revealed on the show. Lisa Ling, the journalist along with Michael Pollan took visited a slaughterhouse on the day thus endorsing the vegan lifestyle all the way.


The idea behind the ‘Oprah goes vegan’ news was to take a moralistic stand against the killing of animals revealed the television hostess. She was also determined to make her viewers aware of how certain foods can be healthy as she planned to include a section that dealt with Oprah diet secrets in her show.


But what was the outcome of the much publicized Oprah goes vegan challenge? A majority of her staffers numbering 300 actually managed to stay vegan successfully for the whole of the week thus proving that there had been at least a modicum of truth in the Oprah goes vegan challenge. However, most of them seemed to be happy to return to their meat eating practices after the inordinately long week.


But the real point seems to have been missed completely in the hullabaloo that followed the Oprah goes vegan publicity. The question of how many of Winfrey’s viewers are going to be swayed into the vegan way of lifestyle continuous to remains unanswered.


The vegans are not too pleased with the Oprah goes vegan stunt either. They are particularly cheesed off at discovering Oprah and her staffers had tucked into McVegan meals instead of authentic vegan fare.  

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Oprah Goes Vegan - Gimmick Or Truth