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Chefs Go Wild With These Ingredients

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There are quite a few wild plants and herbs that can be termed as chefs favorite ingredients. Most of the produces from plants growing in the wild make excellent addition to dishes adding both flavor as well as color to them. While the chefs favorite ingredients are not well known to the general public with most of the culinary practices of ancient times being lost and forgotten, they are considered to be an easy way of enhancing the food value of our daily diet. Most of the reputed chefs look for wild ingredients to cook with thus providing a unique twist to a commonplace dish. Let us now try and discover the reason why chefs go wild with these ingredients.

Wild Greens - Some of the chefs favorite ingredients are found grown wild in fields or vast tracts undisturbed by human habitation, or even along the waterfront. Most of these are overlooked by us but can provide us with tasty and nutritious meal in reality that will be a pleasant change from the mundane fare that we get to eat day in and day out. Curled dock leaves, amaranth, Dandelion greens and Winter cress are just a few of those tender delicacies that will serve the purpose even as chefs look for wild ingredients to cook with.

Juneberry - Also known as the blueberries of the Northern plains, the American Indians used these rich sources of Vitamin C extensively in their cuisine. Long forgotten, they are making a return and are included in the list of our chefs favorite ingredients now.

Black Walnuts - Another one of the chefs favorite ingredients are the black walnuts found all across the world in 21 different species. The kernel, nuts and fruits of the walnut tree are considered to be high on nutrition and used extensively as salad dressings, pasta sauces and dry fruits. It is of little wonder therefore that the black walnuts seem like a God’s gift as the chefs look for wild ingredients to cook with.

Acorns, Elderberries and cattails also frequently double up as American chefs favorite ingredients as they realize their culinary value. However, it is important to cook them carefully by removing all bitterness and signs of toxicity from the chefs favorite ingredients once you decide to include them in your daily diet.

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Chefs Go Wild With These Ingredients