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How To Use Gouda Cheese In Daily Cooking?

Cheeses come in different shapes and sizes and myriad flavors too. From the homely cottage cheese to the exotic mozzarella and then the versatile gouda. Let us learn as to how to use Gouda cheese in daily cooking as we go freewheeling through some of the creative and innovative aspects of a  cheesy culinary journey.

What makes this cheese versatile and how to use Gouda cheese?

The Gouda cheese traces its origin to the Netherlands and is easily identifiable because of its bright red waxed exterior, “rolling up” a 3 inch to 15 inch wheel. The cheese is indigenously straw-colored with a creamy yet firm texture, and a mild and buttery flavor, dispersed with holes.

Before using Gouda cheese, it is imperative to know about how the cheese goes through each phase of aging, developing a distinct flavor. It is this distinction in flavor, which determines how to use Gouda cheese in a variety of dishes.
Baby gouda, which is only aged for a very less period, has a coating of red wax and a soft texture that melts quick when it is shredded and heated. Whereas the more mature Gouda has a red coating of wax and is aged for a longer period. Its flavor is astringent compared to the baby Gouda. The smoked and aged Gouda cheese has a coating of black or brown wax and is often sold with caraway seeds. The younger the Gouda cheese is, the milder will be the flavor.Some Gouda manufacturers also add certain flavorings by adding pepper, herbs, jalapenos and other range of ingredients before the cheese is set.

 How to use Gouda cheese as with:

•    Baby Gouda:  The cheese is semi-soft to firm in texture and made from sweet-curd and has a mild nutty flavor. This Gouda cheese can be used on cheese trays or used as in seasoning in hot or cold salads. Fruits such as peaches, melons, apricots and cherries naturally blend with the Gouda cheese flavor. Crackers can be topped with the baby Gouda cheese crumbs or slices and tastes scrumptious. So it is with casseroles, which find good use for Gouda cheese. As for drinks, lager beer, orange juice, apple juice, flavored tea and citrus sparkling water along with fruity red wine or white wine, simply “blush” with the flavor of the Gouda cheese.

•    Aged Gouda: The aged Gouda tastes astringent with a tinge of the butterscotch flavor and using gouda cheese in apple-based desserts yields an outcome, which cannot forbid you from indulgence. This variety of Gouda cheese goes best with apples and pears and all desserts and cocktails originating from these fruits. As the cheese has an intense flavor, it goes well with full-bodied red wines, coffee, beer, cider and sparkling red grape juice.

•    The smoked/flavored Gouda: The intense smoked flavor makes the use of Gouda in a mélange of dishes: with fruit salads or desserts made of apple and pears, in macaroni and cheese and meat dishes as in with thinly sliced proscuitto or smoked Gouda burgers. To gush down the intense flavor of the smoked gouda with equal fervor, is the spirit of drinks such as the red wine, sparkling cider, beer, tomato or vegetable juice and cranberry-grape juice.

The above tips on how to use Gouda cheese or cooking surely wheels you down a culinary route, which leads to unmatched creativity. So it’s not just the mouse who is after the cheese, it is you as well, who wouldn’t mind going sniffing in search of the Gouda.

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How To Use Gouda Cheese In Daily Cooking?