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How to Use Corn Oil for Frying

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Corn oil is the best oil that you should choose for deep frying. But before that you must learn how to use corn oil for deep frying. The smoke point of corn oil is 450 degrees Fahrenheit, it resists discoloration, it is tastier and even less expensive as compared to other varieties of cooking oils. Corn oil is popularly sold in the market in bottled form. Let me also tell you that it is extensively used for margarine production. When French fries are cooked in fast food chains and restaurants, corn oil is used for deep frying them and they turn out to be crispy and tasty. With a deep fryer, you can also use corn oil to deep fry foods at your home. Here are a few ways that can help you with frying food using corn oil.



  • Heat oil with deep fryer by choosing the temperature on the knob. The temperature must be set according to the directions given on the box. Else, set the temperature at 350 degrees in case you are frying from scratch.


  • When the oil is hot you should slowly begin adding food to it with the help of tongs. Be careful while you add food so that the hot oil does not splash onto you. Cook the food in small batches. Each batch should ideally be deep fried within three to five minutes.


  • Use a bamboo skimmer to take out the food from the deep fryer as soon as it turns golden brown. The food should then be arranged on wire racks to cool properly. You must spread paper towels under the racks which can easily absorb dripping oil from the foods. Add the next batch of food into the fryer. Repeat the entire process till all your food is deep fried.


  • Wait till the time your food gets cooled enough to be served serve and then eat. Eating deep fried food too soon may not only burn your tongue but also the inner part of the mouth.

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How To Use Corn Oil For Frying