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How To Use Fresh Whey In Daily Cooking


If you’ve just made a huge cheesecake for your family, it’s obvious you are looking for ways to use fresh whey. Many recipes call for using fresh whey and if you are innovative enough, the fresh whey you thought you would pour out will finds its way to many products in your kitchen namely tasty dips, additive to breads and even beverages.

Whey is the byproduct obtained while manufacturing cheese. It is also the liquid that is remaining after curdling and straining milk for making cream cheese while making cheesecakes.


Here’s what you can do with fresh whey:

  • Firstly, whey is what is used to make ricotta cheese
  • Many recipes that call for fermentation involve whey in one form or other. The nternet is your huge handy source for such recipes. Trawl it!
  • Marinate your chicken with whey and the result will be moist, succulent and tasty chicken.
  • Since whey is filled with protein, you can add it to your beverages. Or simply freeze them in your ice tray and add it in the blender when you make smoothies or even juices. Make lemon juice with whey and sugar, the results will be very interesting.
  • If nothing works, just water your indoor plants with whey. It’s rich in nutrients and make for great natural food for your indoor plants.
  • Soak your cereals (that require longer periods of soaking, say overnight) in whey before you proceed to grind or pressure cook them. Softness of the batter is guaranteed.
  • Add it to your bakes including breads or cookies or even brownies in place of liquid.
  • Another interesting tip is to add whey to your mashed potatoes to get a result that is both tangy and delicious.
  • Add whey to your homemade dips – that could be served with nachos, tortilla chops or simply any side dishes - to obtain a very interesting flavor
  • Finally, if you do not like any of the suggestions made here, simply freeze the whey. Freezing shouldn’t be a problem and the results could also be worth exploring another untried recipe.


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How To Use Fresh Whey In Daily Cooking