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How To Make Brown Potatoes Turn White

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Brown potatoes can spoil the look of your favorite dish. There are many ways to avoid white potatoes becoming brown potatoes.  Suppose there is a party in the evening and you plan to have some potato dish. You peel the potatoes and leave them on the kitchen counter and attend to another chore. The potatoes would have turned brown. Brown potatoes are good but they do not have a good visual appeal! These are few tips that will help you turning brown potatoes white.

Why do potatoes turn brown? As soon as the potatoes are peeled and cut, the outer surface reacts with the air. The starch in the potatoes reacts with air and light. Hence, oxidation turns them into brown potatoes.

Turning brown potatoes white requires a peeler to peel the brown layer. Once the peeling is done, immerse the potatoes in water.

Brown potatoes can be made white by thinly slicing away the brown parts. Then immerse the rest in water.

Another method for turning brown potatoes to white is to place them in milk and simmer. After some time, the brown potatoes turn white.

Now to prevent potatoes from going brown is to use them immediately after peeling. This may not be possible all the time. Here are some methods to keep them white overnight for use in the morning.

Add a tablespoon of cream of tartar in a bowl of water. Put the peeled and cut potatoes into this water. Then drain the water from the bowl. But do not rinse the potatoes. This will prevent brown potatoes. You can use potatoes normally in your cooking.

Another method is to place the peeled and diced potatoes in a bowl. Fill it with water. The potatoes should be submerged completely. To this add some vinegar say about 2 to three teaspoons. Next cover the bowl either with a plastic wrap or a lid. You can refrigerate the bowl, and can use potatoes when you need them.

Yet another method is to fill the bowl of peeled potatoes with water. Now instead of vinegar add some fresh lemon juice. Then seal and use when required.

Fill a bowl with water. The water should completely immerse the potatoes. This will prevent brown potatoes.

Potatoes should be used quickly to prevent them from absorbing water. Water absorption can make them lose flavor.

A little foresight can prevent white potatoes turning into brown potatoes.

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How To Make Brown Potatoes Turn White