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Health Benefits Of Vegetables

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Eating vegetables is often encouraged since there are several health benefits of vegetables that make them a vital part of healthy diets. A daily diet that comprises of six to eight cups of vegetables are necessary for enjoying the various health benefits of vegetables that cannot be obtained from elsewhere.




Various Health Benefits of Vegetables


Though most of us, I am sure are aware of the importance of vegetables in the diet, the exact components that extend health are largely unknown. Let us take a look at the various nutrients that are responsible for the many health benefits of vegetables.


Vegetables are full of minerals and vitamins. Components like vitamin A, folate, vitamin C, potassium etc occur in plenty in vegetables. These are essential nutrients required by the body that help it to keep healthy and fight infections and diseases. Increased intake of vegetables have been found to help even chronically ill people.


Other compounds responsible for the health benefits of vegetables are phyto-nutrients. Even though phyto-nutrients are not required on a daily basis by the body, they confer protection from diseases like those affecting the heart, diabetes, cancer, bone loss, kidney disease, cancers etc. It has been observed that high intake of vegetables can prevent the occurrence of such diseases to some extent.


Health benefits of fruits and vegetables cannot be supplemented with anything else, like vitamin capsules etc since the nutrients exist in vegetables as complex trace compounds that cannot be artificially construed. Moreover, vegetables aid in metabolism of the vitamins and minerals present in them.


Health benefits of fruits and vegetables can also be largely attributed to the high fiber content in them. Fiber is vital for regulation of digestion process as well as offers protection from many kinds of cancer. It should be borne in mind that vegetable and fruit juices do not contain fiber but would have all the nutrients.



Vegetables can be consumed raw or cooked. Frozen vegetables are a good option in the absence of fresh ones to enjoy health benefits of vegetables. Remember to include a variety of vegetables in various hues in your diet for getting maximum amount of nutrients from them so as to enjoy the health benefits of vegetables.


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Health Benefits Of Vegetables