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Does 7 Day Vegetable Soup Diet Work?

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If it is weight loss and you are given the 7 Day Vegetable Soup diet, the first doubt, of course is to know does the 7 day vegetable soup diet really work for weight loss? Well, looking at my pants sudden need for belts, I would say, Yes! But understand what makes this diet different and healthier than the other fad diets to know for yourself…


A few questions that come to ones’ mind when striving for weight loss and new diets are:

  • Is it an all soup diet?

Well, no. The primary element of this diet is the “wonder soup” which is full of fiber, vitamins and nutrients but it guarantees a very healthy balanced diet. The basic aim of this diet to provide essential nutrients required to the body, and to reduce weight over a 7 day period. If followed properly the 7 day vegetable soup diet can lead to a 5-12 pound weight loss in a week. You eat fruits, vegetables, protein, milk, bananas etc. in a particular order to jumpstart the body to lose weight.

  • Will I be weak after this diet and will I need any supplements later?

Our bodies have a system of building up reserves of essential nutrients we need. In fact, after following the 7 days vegetable soup diet once, you will detox your body and no additional supplements will be required. Since, you will not be starving as the diet is actually inclusive of 4 days when you will eat normally, there is no question of weakness at all.

  • How many times can I follow this diet?

Since, this diet is more towards the cleansing effect and retention of good nutrients aiding in weight loss, the 7 day vegetable soup diet is safe to repeat once a month. Like any thing, good or bad, it must never be overdone.

  • SO, what is the 7-day Vegetable soup diet?

Now, that most of your doubts put to rest, let’s try a rainbow idea for weight loss, here is the 7-Day vegetable soup diet for keeps;

First, have ready the wonder soup,Ready for it?

DAY 1- As many fruits (excluding bananas) and soup you'd like to have. To minimize hunger, spread the meals to 6 times during the day.

DAY 2-Eat vegetables and soup today. You may either cook the vegetables or eat them raw. Include as many green leafy vegetables as possible. If you must, you are allowed to eat 1 baked potato at dinnertime.

DAY 3-Eat fruits, vegetables and soup but no potatoes today, essential for weight loss.

BREAK FOR 4 DAYS. EAT NORMALLY. RESUME THE 7 DAYS VEGETABLE DIET BELOW ‘AFTER 4 DAYS’. Cool isn’t it? Weight loss without starving.

DAY 4-Skimmed milk and at least 3 bananas during the day. Also have soup, at least one serving if not more.This will provide protein, carbohydrates, calcium and potassium to your body, lessening your cravings for sweets and fatty foods.

DAY 5- Serving of soup with 6 raw tomatoes. You can also eat a small portion of baked or broiled meat.

DAY 6-About one serving of soup and as many vegetables as you want, try to consume more of green leafy vegetables. Again you are allowed to eat a small portion of baked or broiled meat.

DAY 7-Cooked vegetables and as much soup as you want. You can also have a portion of brown rice and fresh fruit juice without added sugars.




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Does 7 Day Vegetable Soup Diet Work?