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Learn Four Reasons Why People Turn To Vegetarianism

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Why people go vegetarian is question that often pops up in the minds of those who just love non vegetarian foods.  However, the choice of people to opt for vegetarianism can be due to many reasons.

But if we broadly categorize, there are four major reasons to turn vegan or vegetarian.

Ethical reasons- Many people switch to vegetarianism when they realize that an innocent animal is killed in order to nourish the human body.  They give up meat in order to protect the animals. Sometimes these people also refrain themselves from using all the stuff which is made by butchering animals for e.g. leather.

Many people turn into vegetarians because they find the rearing of animals, unhealthy. The way these animals are forced to live in inhuman conditions, makes these people upset and they turn vegetarian as they do not support such practices.

Health reasons- Health reasons play an important role in analyzing why people go vegetarian. People avoid consuming meat products because of its high cholesterol.  Also, by eating meat and poultry products, one is more likely to get food borne diseases. The widespread bacterial infection in these reared animals also is one of the factors of people opting for vegetarianism.

Also, people nowadays consider being vegetarian a healthier and better option. The vegetarian diet helps the body to get all the nutrients, fiber and other health benefits.

Surroundings- Some people in order to do something for their environment give up non vegetarian food. A lot of water is used for raising livestock; and also a large amount of methane is released by raising cattle, which contributes to global warming.

Also, trees are cut in huge numbers to make the rearing ground for these animals and to produce grain for feeding them. As per the vegan society, more than one third of grain grown is used for feeding cattle.

The people abhor these practices and thus give up non vegetarian foods.

Religious factors-Due to religious factors also people prefer being a vegetarian. Hinduism and Buddhism preach nonviolence and thus denounce the consumption of meat and poultry. Seventh Day Adventists and Jainism also promotes vegetarianism.

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Learn Four Reasons Why People Turn To Vegetarianism