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Use Oregano Oil To Fight Harmful Bacteria

The essence of nature oiling its way through as a shield against the deadly microbes is simply fascinating. Such is the use of oregano oil to fight harmful bacteria and yet again nature reinforces its position to prevent and cure.

Oregano as a dried or fresh herb is used as a food additive in  Spanish, French and Greek cooking and now the discovery that oregano oil has potential health benefits adds extra flavor to this herb.

The research on oregano oil with the findings

The research on oregano oil was carried out by research team headed by microbiologist Sadhana Ravishankar of the University of Arizona, which had previously identified the anti-bacterial properties of the oil. The oregano oil was tested on food and was applied on ground beef. The purpose of using meat was because of the formation of carcinogenic compounds when it is subject to high temperatures of cooking. The amino acids present in meat (fish, poultry and others of the like) namely 'creatinin' gets converted to cancer-causing molecules under high temperature.

After application of the oregano oil, it was found that the formation of such carcinogenic molecules was reduced by at least 78%. Oregano oil contains a phenol called carvecol, which shows powerful antioxidant and antimicrobial properties, and we all know antioxidants play a vital role in bolstering the immune system and also trapping the free radicals in the human body system, which cause premature aging or cancerous cell growths.

This apart, the antimicrobial property of oregano oil has been well exhibited in its fight against intestinal parasites and yeast overgrowth. A study to substantiate the findings established that 77% of the patients with enteric parasites(protozoans–amoeba,helminthes-worms such as tape worm, round worms and pin worms, which can cause infections with loss of appetite and weight) who consumed oregano oil for a period of six weeks became parasite-fee at the end of the course.

Another instance where oregano oil has been useful to fight harmful bacteria is warding off yeast overgrowth as in the case of candida albicans. This yeast-like growth is usually found in small amounts in the human intestinal tract and it is kept under check by the body’s own useful bacteria. But a disruption in this delicate balance can lead to the manifestation of the yeast as Candida albicans. The oil of oregano pitches in to team up with the useful bacteria of the intestinal tract and ward off the yeast overgrowth, which otherwise can lead to serious manifestations.

The result and Food safety implications

It has been proven beyond doubt that you can fight bacteria with oregano oil  and this means that better food safety precautions can be exercised to prevent the growth of microbes and other contaminants that pose a threat to human health. The oil can be applied to various food preparations and it is definitely a better alternative to chemical techniques such as irradiation, chemicals, which don’t streamline with nature.

The study and findings of the research has been published in the journal of Agricultural And Food Chemistry and oregano oil will hopefully unravel the natural course to cure and secure human health.

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Use Oregano Oil To Fight Harmful Bacteria