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What Are The Different Types Of Oolong Tea

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Before I discuss the Oolong tea, let’s take a look at the story behind the types of Oolong tea. Oolong tea is a derivative product from the plant Camellia Sinensis. Mostly grown in the southern parts of China and the Island of Taiwan, Green Tea is often confused to be one of its types.



While, the truth is that Oolong tea is a tea type that lies between the Green Tea and the Black tea.  The distinguishing factor between the various types of Oolong Tea is the oxidization. Basically, the types range from low oxidized to semi-oxidized to most oxidized.

There are over hundred types of Oolong tea available in the market today, but, the authentic Oolong tea is manufactured in China and Taiwan alone. There various types of Oolong teas that are manufactured in India and Sri Lanka also. The factors that influence the taste, look and definition of the various types of Oolong teas are the Tea bush variant, Season of Harvest, Region of cultivation. Also, Oolong teas fall in that category of teas which require maximum human intervention.

Since, all the types of this tea lie in between the Green Tea and the Black tea, the oxidization process has to be controlled by human techniques. A basic hint to understand the various types of teas is that the darker it is, the more oxidized it has been and similarly, if it is greenish and towards a lighter shade, it has been allowed to oxidize only for a limited short period of time.A light Oolong will brew a greenish orange tea while a strong oxidized oolong will give the tea brew a sunset orange color.


Here are some of the most popular types of Oolong teas:



#1 Shui Xian- This tea literally translated means four seasons. It is one of the most recent and new varieties of Oolong teas. It is mildly oxidized and thus has a dark green appearance. It is picked in the spring season.

#2 Ti Kuan Yin- This is grown in China and it is one the various types of Oolong tea that has stout and crinkly leaves.

#3 Ponchong- This is one of those that is grown in Taiwan and is strongly fermented, therefore, it is one of the darkest.

#4 Tung Ting- This is one of the best varieties of the oolong teas and has a gentle and delicate taste.

#5 Formosa Oolong- This is one of the favorite and is grown in Taiwan. The tea leaves are handpicked in the Spring Season and have a floral aroma. Orange Oolong tea is a very popular brand.

#6 Darjeeling Oolong- This is a very rare variety of Oolong tea and is grown in India.

It must be kept in mind that Oolong tea should never be had with milk; it is a clear water brew beverage. And no matter what the type, always remember that all the types of Oolong tea are works of art. From the tea-picker to the tea-master, each person has to carefully add a small yet significant value to the processing of the Oolong tea.   


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What Are The Different Types Of Oolong Tea