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Dry Vegetables That Are Good To Lose Weight

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Vegetables in any form; frozen, dried or cooked have always been a good source of nutrition. Besides, dried vegetables also help to lose weight.

Drying the vegetables is a very old method of preservation. We can easily store fruits and vegetables by sun drying or dehydrating them  according to our convenience. The drying method does not make use of any extra sugar or sodium and thus losing weight with dry vegetables becomes easier.

Dried or dehydrated veggies also add to the flavor and texture of various recipes.

Here are some of the dry vegetables that can help you to lose weight:

Green Beans- Drying the beans and then consuming guarantees the maximum amount of nutrition from beans. These dried beans are very less in calories; one cup of dried beans holds 30 calories. So you can relish them in your favorite recipe as much as you can without keeping track of calories.

Broccoli- Broccoli is one of the vegetables known for its versatility. Add broccoli to any recipe and you will get loads of flavor as well as enough nutrition. Broccoli is rich in soluble fiber which aids in digestion and keeps the digestive system sound. Broccoli also tastes amazing when added to pasta, meat and other veggies.

Potatoes- Both sweet potatoes and white potatoes can be dried and then relished later. The calorie content of sweet and white potato is 105 and 145 calories respectively. Since, these potatoes do not have fat, they are ideal for losing weight. You can add these dried potatoes to thicken the soups, other veg recipes and while preparing casseroles.

Corn- Corn when dried can be easily used in soups and many other starters. Few varieties of corn like Hybrid South American Mushroom, Dynamite and Creme Puff Hybrid can be relished by making popcorn. You can snack on this corn as per your need. Also, dried corn can be added to sauces, baked vegetable dishes and to sandwich fillings.

Carrots- Relish nutritious carrot in a carrot cake or any carrot vegetable, carrots go with all. Rich in antioxidants and a wonderful source of pro vitamin A carotenes, carrots protect from heart disease and cancer as well. Carrots can be used in many forms; cakes, salads, vegetable recipes, raw.

Peas- Eat green peas and keep tiredness at bay. Rich fiber food, peas can be easily dried and used for consumption. Peas provide the body with folic acid, vitamin B6, B1, and B3, iron and vitamin C.  Peas can be cooked with other vegetables, used as cutlet filling and can even be eaten raw.

Enjoy these dried vegetables this season by adding them to various recipes. Losing weight with dry vegetables is nutritious, tasteful and oh! so easy.


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Dry Vegetables That Are Good To Lose Weight